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A non-profit helping Colombians in South America by providing education, sports training, and basic necessities.

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Palacios Foundations was first started by Cilia Guiomor Mosquera De Palacios and known by many as "Chiquita" or "Little Woman" because of her short stature. 

What she lacked in height, she made up for with her impact in helping the people in the state of Chocò, Colombia through radio station broadcasts, running an orphanage, supporting a school, and providing other community resources. Her 9 children and husband then became directly involved in these programs. 

Palacios Foundations Continues

Cilia Guiomor Mosquera De Palacios' family carry her tradition of responsibility to give back to the people in Colombia. 

The Palacios Foundation now supports programs that allows disadvantaged children and teens in Colombia to attend academically strong schools, receive training in basketball to open doors through sports, gain life skills, live with a loving host family, and receive money for living expenses. 

These resources allow these children and teens opportunities to break through the negative cycle of poverty And create a strong, bright future. 


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Bright Star Program

Sponsoring at-risk youth

The Bright Star Program allows at-risk children and teens the opportunity to attend an academically strong school, live with a host family, receive living expenses, and gain life and basketball skills.

Students selected for the program exhibit drive, talent, and determination. They are paired with one of the country's premier coaches to learn sports skills pertaining to their interest which is to aid in continued life enhancement and to provide additional opportunities for these youth.

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Did you know that according to the ACES study published in 1995, that 1 out of 4 children suffers from adverse life experiences and 1 in 7 have experienced abuse or neglect in the past year?

Children and teens who experience trauma are at a higher risk for chronic health conditions, low life potential, risky health behavior, and earlier death?

The great news is that according to the ACES study (1995), having 1 positive role model in a child's life is enough to reverse the effects of adverse life conditions.

1 Child Equals a Big Difference

School in Colombia runs all year long with several breaks throughout the year.  This allows children and teens an even greater opportunity to grown and develop.

Providing education, basic necessities, life and basketball skills only requires $2,000 USD per kiddo per year.  Every dollar or peso donated to this program is given directly to sponsor these kids.